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The iconic Irish star and her team have been working quietly on a new record. Hot Press can confirm that it is finally ready to roll, with Warner Music handling the release... [updated with stream of first track 'Echoes in the Rain']

Enya,爱尔兰偶像级明星和她的团队正在悄无声息地灌制一张新唱片。Hot press 能确认这张唱片即将推出,由华纳唱片发行。


Hot Press has confirmed that Enya is set to release her new album Dark Sky Island on November 20, 2015. It is her first release since the Christmas album And Winter Came, which hit the shelves in November 2008.

Hot Press已确认enya即将在2015年11月20日发行新唱片Dark Sky Island。这是她从2008年11月发行打榜圣诞专辑And winter came以来,首次推出全新唱片。


Short preview clips of a couple of tracks have appeared as appetisers for the new record on Enya's website. However, until today, the release has been shrouded in secrecy. The album is produced by long-time collaborator and producer Nicky Ryan, with the lyrics written by Roma Ryan – continuing the narrative in which the Enya phenomenon is a three-person collaboration.

作为开胃菜,Enya的官网上载了新专集若干简短的试听片段,但时至今日,关于唱片更多的信息仍在保密状态。新专集由长期合作伙伴兼制作人Nicky Ryan,词作者Roma Ryan创作,继续书写着三人组合的enya传奇。


Enya is one of the biggest selling Irish artists of all time, with total album sales already topping the 75 million mark making her the country's biggest selling solo artist. Her music has been used successfully in films and television. In 2001, her ‘May It Be’ was featured in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. She has won four Grammmy Awards.

一直以来,enya都是销量最高的爱尔兰艺人之一。凭借已突破7500万张的唱片销量,使她成为爱尔兰销量最高的独唱艺人。她的音乐被成功运用到电影及电视。2001年,‘May It Be’ 作为 Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring的片尾曲被提名学院奖及金球奖最佳原创歌曲,而她已赢得四座格莱美大奖。

The Enya creative triumvirate – Enya, producer and sound engineer Nicky Ryan, and lyricist Roma Ryan – started work on the album in the spring of 2012. Inspired by Roma’s work on a series of poetry books themed around islands and specifically the island of Sark’s decision to be designated as a dark sky island, the album’s title track was the first song to be written for the collection.

Enya灵感三人组----enya,制作人兼音响工程师Nicky Ryan,词作者Roma Ryan----开始从2012年春天制作这张新专集。新专集的灵感来源于ROMA创作的一系列围绕岛屿的散文诗集,其中的sark岛被特别设计为一个暗天之岛(dark sky island),这也是新专集的标题曲目,是是本专辑第一支被创作出的作品。

"The album’s buoyantly optimistic first single ‘Echoes in Rain’ possesses an irresistible surge of globe-trotting euphoria which made it an obvious choice as the album’s lead track,” a statement confirmed. "While it shares the adventurous themes of Enya’s breakthrough hit ‘Orinoco Flow’, its rhythmic march instead celebrates the anticipation of a journey’s end."

“新专集的第一支轻快乐观的单曲‘Echoes in Rain’,拥有一种无法抗拒的全人类的喜悦扑面而来,使它成为主打歌曲的最佳选择”采访声明确认了这点,“当这首曲子不断推进的节奏感,洋溢着enya的突破性代表作‘Orinoco Flow’传奇般的旋律体验时,它表明了一段旅程的完结。”


‘Echoes in Rain’ also shares another coincide with its famous predecessor. Back in 1988, ‘Orinoco Flow’ was the final song that was recorded during sessions for the ‘Watermark’ album and it went on to become a huge global success. This time around, ‘Echoes in Rain’ was the final track to be completed for the album and has also been chosen as the lead single.

‘Echoes in Rain’也映射出了与enya之前名作的另一巧合。回到1988年,‘Orinoco Flow’是在Watermark 创作期间最后完成的一首歌,却全球大热!时归今日,‘Echoes in Rain’同样也是新专集的最后一首歌,同样也被选为新专集的先行发行单曲!


“This album has a theme of journeys,” states Enya. “Journeys to the island; through the length of a lifetime; through history, through emotions; and journeys across great oceans. So although it’s not a ‘themed’ album, as such, we nevertheless have an underlying connection between songs.”



The press release for the album is very detailed and highly informative.



"Sonically, Dark Sky Island is a collection that’s both incredibly diverse and innately unified by the production: almost Spector-esque in its lavish, wide-screen multi-tracked layers of sound.

“听起来,Dark Sky Island是一张既非常与众不同,又内在统一的作品:极尽奢华、极具开阔画面感,层叠交织的音轨所营造出的萦绕迷离之美!


"Opening track ‘The Humming’ is an immediate highlight as it subliminally works its infectious magic within the course of a single listen. By contrast, ‘Even In The Shadows’ pulses with an insistent rhythm; the hymnal ‘I Could Never Say Goodbye’ is sparse in its reflective beauty; while ‘Sancta Maria’ blends synthesisers and classical instrumentation to create an ethereal soundscape that comfortably sits in both the past and the future. It’s almost a history of sound encapsulated in four hypnotic and otherworldly minutes.

“开场曲‘The Humming’即是一个精彩亮点,当你在聆听时,它在不知不觉中散发着魔力。与之相反,‘Even In The Shadows’有着持续节奏与脉动;吟唱曲‘I Could Never Say Goodbye’胜在清淡的沉思之美;而‘Sancta Maria’结合合成器与古典乐器创造出了唯美的、超越过去与未来的音场画面。它几乎是一部声音的历史,被包裹在四重催眠与另一空间的瞬间。

"That concept can be demonstrated in ‘The Humming’, a song that muses on the cycle of the universe and how change affects everything. Such intergalactic exploration also extends to ‘The Forge of the Angels’ and ‘The Loxian Gates’ which continue the use of the Loxian language that Romacreated and popularised with three songs from 2005’s ‘Amarantine’. It’s a futuristic narrative with a genesis that dates back to 1986 and Enya’s debut album / soundtrack to the BBC documentary The Celts.

上述的概念可以在‘The Humming’中展现,歌颂缪斯在宇宙的时空中穿行回转,影响着众生万物;这种跨越星际时空的探索感也延伸到了‘The Forge of the Angels’ 和 ‘The Loxian Gates’。 ‘The Loxian Gates’继续使用ROMA创造出的Loxian语言,Loxian语在2005年专辑‘Amarantine’用在三首歌中,从而广泛被熟知。 这是一种具有未来感的叙述,而这叙述带着创始起源,也就是回到1986年enya 的处女作,BBC纪录片the celts的原声的起源。


‘Dark Sky Island’ is available to pre-order on CD and digital download formats, with ‘Echoes in Rain’ provided as an instant 'grat track' for fans.

‘Dark Sky Island’提供CD预订与数字音乐下载,‘Echoes in Rain’提供立即下载,作为fans的大礼。

"For this triumvirate of partners and friends, the journey marches on,” the release concludes. "With ‘Dark Sky Island’ and beyond, who knows what further expeditions lay unpredicted just over the horizon?"

“三人组作为事业伙伴与朋友,旅途依旧前行”在最后的结尾,“在‘Dark Sky Island’甚至更远,谁能知晓在遥远的地平线之上,未来有哪些未知的探险?”


The full ‘Dark Sky Island’ tracklisting is:

1. The Humming

2. So I Could Find My Way

3. Even in the Shadows

4. The Forge of the Angels

5. Echoes in Rain

6. I Could Never Say Goodbye

7. Dark Sky Island

8. Sancta Maria

9. Astra et Luna

10. The Loxian Gates

11. Diamonds on the Water




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