The Hot Press Newsdesk, 09 Oct 2008


Enya's new album And Winter Came will pay tribute to the late, great Irish guitarist Jimmy Faulkner in a track entitled 'My, My, Time Flies'. 

Enya的新专集and winter came 将向爱尔兰伟大的当代吉他手JIMMY FAULKNER致敬,致敬的曲目是'My, My, Time Flies'

*JIMMY FAULKNER(31 January 1950 – 4 March 2008)爱尔兰最杰出的吉他手。在其四十余年的事业生涯中,与爱尔兰众多顶级的摇滚、蓝调、民谣、爵士乐队合作过。

The track was the last one recorded for the highly anticipated record And Winter Came, which is scheduled for release on November 7, in Ireland and November 10 in the UK.

The song was completed just in time for a special launch party held in London last night and attended by representatives of Warners from all over the world, as well as selected media, inlcuding key press, radio and television.

'My, My, Time Flies'是备受期待的and winter came中的最后一曲,计划于11月7日在爱尔兰、11月10日在英国发行。



"We had eleven tracks done," producer Nicky Ryan revealed. "But we just wanted to do something for Jimmy. He was one of the unsung heroes, a really unassuming guy and a great guitar player. There's a lot of them out there, and so it was something we felt strongly about. So it became the final track."

“我们完成了11首作品”制作人Nicky Ryan透露到“但我们想对Jimmy做点什么。他是无声英雄,他是一个真正谦逊的人,一个伟大的吉他手。(即使他去世后)他仍然留下了很多值得纪念的东西,这是让我们深深被触动的东西。于是这成就了本专辑的压轴作品”


Played separately, as it had not yet been slotted into the album's running order, it is a real departure for Enya, featuring a sweet guitar solo by Dublin blues musician Pat Farrell. "His playing is great. He's another one of those unsung heroes," Nicky added.

因为是分别演奏的,所以这首曲子还没被安插到专辑的曲目顺序中,这对enya来说是一次真正的大相径庭的挑战,特别有请到都柏林蓝调音乐家Pat Farrell演奏美妙的吉他独奏。“他演奏的非常棒。他是另一个无声英雄”NICKY补充到。


While it will be seen as the first time a guitar has featured on an Enya record, that isn't strictly the case. "No, from memory, there was guitar on the Celts record," Enya's lyricist Roma Ryan commented. "But it is beautiful."

这似乎是第一次在enya的作品中加入了吉他,但严格意义上并不是“不,在记忆中,the celts中出现了吉他”enya的词作者Roma Ryan点评到“但它很美”


The event was held in the prestige confines of 2 Temple Place, which was brilliantly decorated for the occasion, in the theme of the album with snow falling and a huge white horse bringing to mind scenes from Russia in the 19th century.

餐会在久负盛名TWO TEMPLE PLACE中举办,(注:“Two Temple Place是伦敦第一家展示英国非私人藏品的展览馆。展览馆建筑是隐藏于伦敦市的建筑瑰宝) ,场地为本次的主题餐会而特别布置:与唱片主题一样的飘雪设计,以及将思绪带往19世纪俄罗斯的白骏马。


Vice President of Warners, John Reid – who presented the singer with a special set of mounted records to mark the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough record Watermark – described the new album, which was played for those who attended, as "Enya's best work yet."

华纳副总裁John Reid——携enya 出场,同时现身的还有一个许多唱片组合堆积在一起的设计,这个设计标志着enya20世纪突破性的唱片watermark——新唱片当时正在现场播放,被John Reid称为“enya迄今最好作品”


"We only just finished the record, so I'm really excited about it," Enya told Hot Press. "It's all so fresh, it's brilliant. I'm only really hearing things in their final running order for the first time. It's been so hectic for the past two months, but it is brilliant now to have it ready."

“我们刚刚才完成唱片,所以我真的非常兴奋”enya告诉HOT PRESS“所有的曲子都很清新、很有闪光点。在他们完成最终的曲目顺序编辑后,我才第一次完整地听到这张唱片。过去的两个月非常繁忙,但现在尘埃落定让人非常欣喜”


Enya was in sparkling form throughout what was a very warm and personal occasion, chatting with members of the Irish contingent, which included Warners boss Pat Creed, Kate Kennedy and Priscilla Kotey, as well as Kathleen Watkins and Robert Tully of Beaumex.

Enya在这个温暖而私人的场合熠熠生辉,与华纳爱尔兰的团队亲切交流,包括华纳管理层Pat Creed, Kate Kennedy and Priscilla Kotey,还有Beaumex.公司的Kathleen Watkins 、Robert Tully。(注:Beaumex 爱尔兰领先的娱乐、科技、苹果分销商)